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Q. How do I password protect a directory if I am using FrontPage?

A. Since Apache's .htaccess password protection and FrontPage use the same file, you cannot use Apache's .htaccess or the cPanel Password Protect Directories feature to password protect a directory if you have FrontPage installed. You can still password protect a directory using FrontPage by following these instructions.

Note: A FrontPage sub web and a folder under your domain are basically the same.

Connect to your site directly on the server using FrontPage; File>Open Web>

First, you will need to create a sub web that you want to protect. This sub web is the name of the directory you want to protect and CANNOT exist. Once in FrontPage:
Select File -> New -> Web
Click on 'Empty Web' In the text box labeled 'Specify the location of the new web' put in your complete domain name and the name of the folder or sub web you wish to create (i.e.
Then click on 'OK' and wait while you new sub web is created.

Now that your new sub web is created, you will need to set the password protection for this sub web. You should already be in your new sub web. To verify, look at the URL in the title of FrontPage.

To password protect this sub web:
Select 'Tools' -> 'Security' -> 'Permissions'
A 'Permissions' box will appear.
Click 'Use unique permissions for this web' and click 'Apply'.
Click on the 'Users' tab in the permissions box. You will see your current username listed. DO NOT remove this username.
Click 'Only registered users have browse access'.
Click 'Apply'.
Click the 'Add' button
Fill in the 'Name' 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' text fields and click 'OK'. If you want to add more users just go click on the 'Add' button again and fill in the new users information.
Click on 'OK' and the 'Permissions' box should disappear.
Now only your FrontPage username/password and the user(s) you just setup can view that sub web or directory.
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