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Article #51  Date Entered: 01-13-2014
We will be updating PHP/MySQL/Apache on our server on February 1, 2014 to the following:

PHP - 5.3.28
Apache - 2.2.38
MySQL - 5.1

This server is one of our oldest and has intentionally been limited in upgrades to accommodate those with older scripts and the like. However, due to security issues we can no longer keep the older versions of these resources. These certainly are not the most up to date versions, but they are what we need to install to ensure security of our servers.

Per our email, ensure you have checked with the various vendors of any scripts and content management systems you are using and patch or upgrade them to ensure they will run with this platform. Software older than 3 years could certainly break if not updated.

If you wish to switch servers to take advantage of the most up to date configuration of these resources, let us know and we can certainly switch your account over to one of those servers. However, we cannot operate any servers with versions older than these without risking compromise to your site.

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