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Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage
1. Search form error: "Cannot open word hash file . .\_vti_txt\default.wti\All.dct" (viewed 2880 times)
2. Search form error: "The text source 'default' does not exist in . .\_vti_txt\default.wti" (viewed 2815 times)
3. I get an Error 500 Internal Server Error when trying to view my FrontPage site online. (viewed 2883 times)
4. I get the following error: Server error opening registry key "SOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsWeb Server Extensions . . . . (viewed 2991 times)
5. I'm trying to publish utilizing FrontPage, but I get an error message indicating FrontPage Extensions are not installed. (viewed 2718 times)
6. When I click submit on the form I get an error indicating to the need to check server's application event log for more details (viewed 2827 times)
7. Form doesn't work, displays [FrontPage Save Results Component] on page. (viewed 2752 times)
8. Search form brings up documents from a page or section of pages I don't want users to have access to (viewed 2735 times)
9. How do I password protect a directory if I am using FrontPage? (viewed 6422 times)
10. The default page still shows up even after I have uploaded my index.html page. (viewed 2866 times)
11. I'm not getting any results from my search form. (viewed 2471 times)
12. I'm getting error - "Root Web Busy" when I try to publish with FrontPage. (viewed 2329 times)
13. When trying to publish a web and then a subweb, it prompts me for a username and password again. (viewed 2389 times)
14. Custom confirmation page doesn't come up when forms are submitted. (viewed 2681 times)
15. I'm using FrontPage, can I edit the .htaccess files? (viewed 2497 times)

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