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Q. Are you discontinuing use of the HSphere Control Panel?

A. No, not at this point however we may in the coming years for several reasons:

The control panel was purchased several years ago by Parallels and with that came a dramatic increase in server licensing fees as well as diminished support and limited introduction of new features.

We have found that technology has perhaps overtaken its use and economically we can offer other alternatives and pass the savings on to you, our customers.

Going forward we have made the decision to utilize the cPanel control panel for Linux based accounts due to it's interface, features and development. We can utilize a cloud hybrid server system which gives you more resources as less cost. We are examining whether to continue to host Windows platform server plans in the future.

That being said, don't worry, we'll provide at least 12 months notice prior to making any changes that will affect your future Hsphere control panel account. However some features such as Site Studio or the Web Calendar may not work in the near future due to compatibility issues with updated versions of core software patched for security reasons. If you utilize these features, we highly suggest moving to the new cluster.
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