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Q. Your new plans have more features and resources than my HSphere based plan, can I switch?

A. Absolutely. If you would like to switch you can signup for a new plan with us on the new cPanel based hybrid server cluster. After you have setup you account and uploaded your content to the new server, setup email accounts, mailing listss and the rest, submit a trouble ticket in your Hsphere control panel and we'll delete your Hsphere account with us and credit your new account the balance left. We'll even give you an additional 3 months free for your dedication to our services.

Additionally it is important you understand that scripts and features in the Hsphere control panel such as the Advanced Calendar, SiteStudio or other add-ons, are built on old technology for which the vendors will no longer continue to support as new versions of core software are implimented and are uncompatible with such for security or other reasons. Your ability to utilize those features in the near feature will end however we cannot determine the exact date other than they are currently unsupported. We highly encourage you to be ahead of the curve and switch to the newer cluster prior to this occurring to utilize the new web calendar, new site builder or alternative items.

The new cPanel based hybrid server cluster is Linux based so ensure you have converted any .NET code and MSSQL databases to utilize the Linux platform and MySQL.
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